Don’t Skip; Sunscreen Is Essential
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Don’t Skip; Sunscreen Is Essential

Stepping out in the sun is the task itself with the bare skin as your bare skin tends to get more vulnerable when expose to the sun directly. Luckily, we are sorted with sunscreen to shield us against the damage caused by ultraviolet radiation and the heat of the sun. Not only in summer, but even on cloudy days, our skin is also prone to harmful UV rays that can cause discoloration, skin cancer, and premature aging over time. Sunscreen is essential and plays an integral part of the daily skincare routine. This article will discuss why sunscreen is essential and list the benefits of sunscreen.

Whys And Wherefores Sunscreen Is Essential

It does not matter whether it’s summer or winter, sunscreen is essential to treat your skin every day of the year. It may remain unnoticeable in the beginning, but the over-time use will yield its benefits. Let’s take a look at the reasons to use sunscreen.

Prevents Early Skin Aging and Photoaging

Who does not love younger-looking, glowing and healthy skin?  One of the most undoubted reasons to apply sunscreen is that it prevents photoaging and pre-mature aging signs like wrinkles, discoloration, pigmentation, fine lines, and sunspots. A study reveals that the chances of developing early skin aging are reduced by 24% as compared to the user who either uses no sunscreen or only occasionally uses sunscreen.

Defend Against Harmful Ultraviolet Radiations & Skin Cancer

Along with giving you a dose of Vitamin D, the Sun can damage your skin as harmful UV rays can cause several skin problems like skin cancer. Sunscreen builds up a shield that defends against harmful ultraviolet radiation. Thus, sunscreen is a crucial product to include in your daily skincare routine.

Prevents Sunburns

Spending elongated periods in the Sun can damage your skin and you tend to frequently get sunburns. Sunburns make your skin thin and transparent and it may often experience redness, swelling, itching, bruises, and hives. UVB is generally associated with sunburns and could put your skin in danger of lethal melanoma. Thus, using the right sunscreen SPF will be healthy and safe for your skin.

Makes Your Skin Healthy

Sunscreen is not just a cosmetic product but an overall skin defender. The necessary skin proteins like keratin, collagen, and elastin are shielded by the use of sunscreen. These are essential in retaining the smoothness and health of the skin. Before choosing the sunscreen for your skin, ensure that it contains titanium dioxide as it aids in sweeping UV rays away and protects the actions of these skin proteins.

Prevents Skin Discolouration or Tanning

Frequent and long-duration exposure to the Sun can cause tanning, which is good but not at the cost of risking the health of your skin. While sunbathing to tan, the risk of harm caused by UVB radiation increases. Uneven skin discoloration or tanning might make your skin look dull and damaged. It is often termed sun spots or liver spots. Make sure to apply the right sunscreen SPF, i.e., a minimum of 30 SPF to defend against the tanning caused by UVB rays.

Reduce Skin Redness and Inflammation

Skin exposed to ultraviolet rays tends to get inflammation and aching redness. Individuals with skin diseases like psoriasis, etc. find it difficult and challenging to stand directly or for long durations in the Sun. Here, comes the sunscreen to rescue as applying the sunscreen will prevent the skin from harmful UV rays. Sunscreens with titanium dioxide or zinc oxide as ingredients are the best sunscreen for skin care for individuals with sensitive skin. Thus, sunscreen is a must-have cosmetic product for every day of the year.

Tip For Choosing the Right Sunscreen

Picking up sunscreen for your skin can be an overwhelming task as there are several options available to choose from. One of the crucial and never to skip things while choosing a sunscreen is to look at its SPF factor. Ensure that you opt for the right sunscreen SPF, i.e., a minimum of 30 or higher Sun Protection Factor as it provides your skin with full protection against the harmful UVA and UVB rays. Always try to pick up a sunscreen with broad spectrum coverage. Moreover, re-application of sunscreen is necessary after swimming and using a towel. If you are using waterproof sunscreens, re-application is not needed.

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