Discovering the Triund Trek – a first-time guide
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Discovering the Triund Trek – a first-time guide

All those trek beginners wandering around in search of your first trekking destination, Triund trek is the best pick for you. Situated in the queen stage of the Himachal, it is an apt hill station for the moderately experienced trekking enthusiasts.

The Triund Hill lies amidst the vast Kangra Valley and the sturdy Dhauladhar ranges. This is the only trekking expedition that soothes its trekkers with some of the most delicate knoll beauty.

Though your trekking expedition may sound rocky and hard at some places, the trail is not that steep beyond. The curvatures of this trail pass through the lush green forest covers of rhododendron and oak trees.

Be vigilant as various songbirds might greet you en route, making it a birdwatcher’s paradise.

What makes it more exciting for the trekking beginners is that this is the only trek which promises you some best views with just a steep climb. Watching the sunset from the Triund trek’s topmost summit is in itself a sigh of pleasure and delight.

This is perhaps the reason why most trekkers never fail to experience an overnight camping adventure here. So, before you are on your return journey, make sure to capture the blissful moments when the sun’s bright golden lights strike the mountain ranges.

Best sights –            

Kareri Lake –

Kareri Lake is a freshwater lake of Kangra, fed by the melting snow gliding down the steep slope of the Dhauladhar ranges. Due to its modest depth and the crystal clear water floor, one can easily peep through the bed of the water table.

Bhagsu Falls –

Bhagsu Falls

Bhagsu Falls is set amidst a lush green dreamy scenery embracing the breath-taking beauty of the Triund. It is an ideal one-day picnic spot to explore with your family, relatives, and near and dear ones. There is a temple known as Bhagsunagh Temple near to the Bhagsu Falls.

Bhangsunagh Temple –

The elegance of the Bhagsunagh temple lies in its beauty of being surrounded by lush greenery surroundings and pools. The temple is perched atop a height of 1770 meters high off the sea level and attracts a huge count of devotees around the year.

Dharamkot –


Situated atop the crest hill of McLeodganj, the Dharamkot is an attractive spot featuring a vast and picturesque backdrop of the Kangra Valley and the Dhauladhar ranges. This spot receives high appreciation from the locals. There is an age-old Vipassana Meditation Centre here where people from distant places visit to unwind from the hustles and bustles of their life.

Namgyal Monastery –

An age-old monastery, the Namgyal Monastery overlooks the mighty mountain ranges of the Dhauladhar. The monastery is situated within the complex of Tsuglagkhang, which also features numerous bookstores, shrines, souvenir shops, temples, etc.

Tibetan Museum –

Tibetan Museum

This Tibetan Museum is situated within the complex of the Tsuglagkhang Complex. It features an extensive collection of Tibetan arts and artifacts, including historical documents, paintings, handicrafts, pottery, etc.

Kangra Fort –

Located at a distance of 20 km from the city center, the Kangra Fort is the nation’s oldest fort. The fort is known to richly preserve the rich cultural heritage and the glorious past of the surrounding region.

Do’s and don’ts –

Do’s –

Your backpack for McLeodganj tours should comprise your valid photo ID proofs, water bottles, and some light snacks. Apart from this, you will also need essential toiletries such as facewash, handwash, and a sanitizer, as you won’t get it there.

If you are skin conscious, do not forget to carry your sunscreen lotion and moisturizers. Even though it is a moderate trek, it is always good to have physical training while being a part of the Triund trekking expedition.

Don’ts –

Whether you are a beginner or a pro trekker, do not go for Triund trekking without a trekking guide. Choosing the best travel agency for your McLeodganj tours will help you in partnering with a professional and well-experienced trek guide.

Also, while you move along your trekking route, make sure that you don’t litter your waste in and around your trekking path. People usually fail to carry their water bottles and end up buying bottles from the local stalls.

When they have no place in their backpack, they often drop them around. When you are on your Triund trekking expedition, you should be disciplined and avoid littering here and there.

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