Ways to Participate in Fashion Revolution

Ways to Participate in Fashion Revolution

The fashion revolution defines an organic connection between nature and human beings, favoring the change in global fashion trends and human rights. It is a global campaign focusing on looking beyond the label, thinking about ethical fashion, and asking #WhoMadeMyFabric. By embracing this hashtag, they focus on the popular and leading ethnic brands aligned with the 2021 theme of Rights, Relationships, and Revolution. 

Be a Part of Fashion Revolution

The fashion revolution is quite simple and self-explanatory. This revolution aims to urge the industry to take more responsibility and show greater transparency and clarity in the supply chain. If brands and organizations are unaware of what is going on in the textile factories supplying them, it is difficult and quite problematic for them to improve conditions. It is also necessary to understand the radical shift between our relationships and ethnic or sustainable fashion. 

It is featured for our prosperity and wellbeing in addition to the health of our earth and our oceans, i.e., the ecosystem. There are various ways to get involved and participate in the campaign. By holding our preferred sustainable brands to account, it is possible to make a drastic change that reduces the risk of such a disaster recurring.

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Five reasons why the fashion revolution is crucial?

  • 95% of this clothing can’t be recycled
  • Global fashion production has multiplied to a greater extent since 2000.
  • sustainable garment is worn just four times on average.
  • Women love to spend an average of £300 on clothing they never wear.
  • Out of 219 mainstream fashion brands and associations, only 12% could prove that they paid their textile industry workers a fair wage.

Ways To Participate In The Fashion Revolution?

  • Accept the #haulternative Challenge

As fashion trend is a glamourous outbreak for many of us; we find it difficult to say “No” to unethical brands. However, to participate in the fashion revolution, start shouting a “BIG NO” to the unethical apparel and start accepting ETHICAL CLOTHING AND SUSTAINABLE APPAREL. Support the sustainable fashion companies and dare to ask, WHO MADE YOUR CLOTHES? Try to get the answer back; A human- not a machine. It is how you can take your first step in getting involved in the fashion revolution

  • Be Courageous and Brassy in Asking The Brands: #WhoMadeMyFabric? On Social Media Platforms: –  

To encourage the NEW TREND of transparency and clarity in our fashion industry, Fashion Revolution, in partnership with The Freedom Fund, is bringing up a public campaign calling for greater transparency beyond tier 1 of the supply chain to support the objective of clarity in the fashion industry.

For example, has it led to intense pressure on many brands to give a detailed description of their textiles and answer #whomademyfabric? Therefore, to participate in the fashion revolution, global citizens can support this amendment by asking a direct question to the brand (which they are using) about who made their fabric? What is in my clothes? And acknowledge via spreading awareness through different social media channels and platforms.

  • Speak From Your Windows

Share messages on online portals about how brands that prefer sustainable clothing can help change the world’s climatic situation. Promote awareness about the safety and security of our ecosystem that is to be done with ethical fashion trends. It is observed that during a pandemic, not only India but all the countries across the globe have started to spread messages and inspirations digitally. It has changed the pattern of opening up in front of the crowd globally and made it quite easy. Therefore, this window is appropriate for promoting the fashion revolution by making the crowd aware of sustainable clothing and its advantages.  

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  • Attend An Online Fashion Revolution Event

Many virtual events focus on ethical fashion, the current challenges, and how we fix our broken global fashion system. These events are not only informative but also interesting. It is an optimum platform to get involved in the fashion revolution as these webinars and discussions gather significant and enlightening news about the sustainable wardrobe.

  • Go Through The Garment Worker Diaries

The Garment Worker Diaries is a year-long research project that mainly aims at the lives of garment workers in Cambodia, Bangladesh and India. It helps you understand the workers’ lifestyle and be aware of the problems and issues these hard-working men face. It is important to understand the dilemma of the working hands and acknowledge them to the audience. 


By choosing to get involved and support Fashion Revolution, you can be a great help for the globe and also spread awareness by simple methods:

● First, intensify unheard voices: Those of supply chain producers, workers and communities who are affected and stimulated by the fashion industry, giving them more visibility, clarity and providing a platform for their stories.

● Widen community participation: Organising and making people and their communities all over the globe get ready to speak up, come together and take action to create the systemic and dramatic change that is urgently required across the fashion industry.

Thus, this time is right and appropriate for the fashion revolution. To know more about the fashion revolution and ways to get involved in fashion trend turmoil, reach us today!

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