All About Handicraft Fashion Jewelry! How To Wear Them on Perfect Occasions?
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All About Handicraft Fashion Jewelry! How To Wear Them on Perfect Occasions?

A machine can crack plenty of jewelry in an hour but they miss out on the quality of the pieces. Handicraft Fashion Jewelry has been raving all over the world in recent times. Handcrafted jewelry in simple terms is the accessories that are made by hand.

Handcrafted jewelry

While machines can accelerate hundreds of units in an hour, it takes longer than that for an artisan to produce these beautiful ornaments by hand. Artisans put in their personal attention and passion into making these beautiful ornaments.

The way they transform ordinary materials into a masterpiece is simply exquisite. Lately, many consumers are moving towards handcrafted jewelry rather than mass-produced jewelry these pieces of jewelry. 

pieces of jewelry

When you purchase handcrafted jewellery, you always get a unique piece every time. It is without a doubt that handmade jewellery gives a bit more character to the entire outfit. There is a story behind the efforts that were put into making these ornaments. 

If you are really interested in knowing more about handcrafted jewelry, we have all the details for you:

  • All the pieces involved to make the ornament are of stellar quality. While it may be difficult to differentiate between the quality and hygienic factors of metals and alloys that are utilised in factories, handmade pieces are resourced from well-respected suppliers.
  • Jewelry makers often follow the path of sustainability and materials that are sourced ethically. this may be pricier than the easy way which is by sourcing from a dealer or shady sources who sell these utilities at a cheaper rate but the end product comes out magnificently.
  • Small scale production always produces good of the highest quality. This is due to the constant care and attention that is put while keeping a track of the pieces that are produced. The artisans are very happy and proud of their work because they make sure they don’t leave any inferior of downgraded quality leave their station.
  • Going local is now the newest trend in every city. Handcrafted jewelry is usually locally produced, marking the artisans support for sustainable fashion. By buying these products, you are actually supporting the artisan’s craft and communities.
  • The craftsmen use many kinds of metals and gemstones while making the accessory like silver, copper, gold, crystals, quartz, turquoise coral and other diverse materials like fabric, beads and glass to make the piece more unique.
  • Handcrafted jewelry is generally richer in culture, history and humanity. They mostly have an ethnic edge to it.
  • While the prices of handcrafted jewelry may be on the higher end, keep in minds that all the pieces are uniquely designed using manual labour and time.
fashion jewellery

Jewelry is an essential keepsake for people who love to doll up. One special piece can make a major difference to your outfit and style. If you are someone who looks forward to occasions to wear Handicraft Fashion Jewelry, handcrafted ornaments are your go-to pick. They can be worn for multiple social affairs. Be it a party or a wedding, you can find variants of handcrafted jewellery that will always be there to save the day. 


We have come up with some trendy ways on how you can pull off fashionable handcrafted jewellery

fashionable handcrafted jewellery
  • If you are going heavy on the earrings, then make sure your neckpiece is simple and cute.
  • If you are drawing more attention towards your face, go easy on the hand accessories.
  • Create a homogeneous look with your accessories by mixing and matching them. The yesteryear days of matching sets have taken a step back in the fashion game.
  • Consider the neckline of your outfit before you decide on your necklace. Different kind of Handicraft Fashion Jewelry match the outfit you are wearing according to the neckline.
  • Experiment with layers. Combine necklaces of various length and designs to see how they along with the outfit. Mix it up to make a fashion statement.
  • If you have long flowing hair, select an accessory with colour and metal finish that will be visible to everybody. This will also depend on your hair colour.
  • Try on different coloured metals when it comes to necklaces and bangles. This contrast of the shades to the gemstones adds a flawless and eccentric vibe to the entire outfit.
  • If you are looking for an ornament that catches people’s eye, it is preferred that you make the visual focus on one part of the body, you want to glamourise the attention to.

Whether you are looking for an ornament that will accent your attire or to gift somebody else, handmade jewelry will always touch the soul of the person along with making timeless memories whenever worn. Ativ jewelry has the best imitation jewelry online, that will compliment your looks and personality. From a variety of products to choose from, you can find the perfect piece that reflects your qualities. The accessories are made with love and perfection, for modern age women. 


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