8 Jewellery Storage hacks and ideas every woman should know.

8 Jewellery Storage hacks and ideas every woman should know.

Jewelry is known for its beauty, luxurious and intricate designs, however, it can be difficult to store due to which many pieces can get damaged. These stunning pieces of jewelry can also be fragile and cause unnecessary damage if it is not stored properly. It is also important not to forget to protect your precious jewelry collection from rust and this can be achieved by some easy Jewellery Storage hacks.

It is a real problem to find the desired pearl or to reject the earrings from the box. Is it possible to organize jewelry in order? Sure! We’ve rounded up a collection of storage ideas and hacks that will allow you to use your space effectively while simultaneously protecting your jewelry.

Mark the Jewellery Storage hacks

1. Split by Style

An effective way to store your home’s used jewelry is to organize it into similar jewelry groups. This means that keeping similar jewelry together, for example, storing a set of bangles together creates a clear display, making it easy to identify a specific bangle.

These can then be stored in various jewelry boxes. However, it is important to note that you should limit the group to a few pieces to avoid overcrowding. With this, you will be able to identify all the jewelry easily.

2. Sort in the drawer

One of the most popular storage ideas is using drawer organizers. These create compartments that fit any jewelry. The in-drawer divider will allow you to section your jewelry by size, type, and style. For example, smaller compartments in in-drawer dividers can be used to store rings and studs.

The longer compartments can be used to store bracelets, necklaces, and even anklets. Alternatively, if you can’t get your hands on one in-drawer, you can look for alternatives around the house, such as medium-sized mugs, useless teacups, and more. This hack will easily help your jewelry to sort and maintain it easily.

3. Display your design

If you’re more into particular regarding jewelry storage, then this storage hack is perfect for you. Transform your daily wearing jewelry collection into a stunning display by putting on sculptural objects and sculptures.

However, displaying jewellery on different sculptures will prevent the clustering of jewellery. To create a beautiful display, choose your best-looking idol or sculptures, and assign your most frequently worn pieces on it.

For the ornament to be the focal point of the display, arrange it by collective style or particular colors to emphasize a gradient. Also, place an ornament on a sculpture or choose a piece of color that contrasts with the eye. This will properly keep your jewelry, moreover, it can also be used as a showpiece for attraction.

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4.  Make a Memo Board

Another inexpensive storage idea is the memo board. This hack has versatility between specific jewelry types, for example, gold earrings for women. To achieve the memo board, choose a fabric material that is beautiful in color and comfortable. Not only that, but it should also be an easy material to pierce through, holding an earring.

As with the earrings, they can slide into the memo board that keeps it intact. Also, memo boards can complement the beautiful pushpins, which can be used to hold lightweight necklaces. Memo boards are a great way to hold simple studs or thick earrings. Furthermore, memo boards can have a personal feel as you can choose the layout of the ornament placement and have control over which one to display.

5. Rotating storage for your jewelry

You can get creative with this simple storage hack. The best thing about this design is that it can be made from items that you can easily find from your house. All you need for this simple hack is a cereal box, paper towel rolls, some cards, and some durable tape.

Punch a round hole in the bottom of the cereal box and insert the paper towel roll. Attach a piece of round card to the bottom of the roll to act as the base and tape in place. Be sure to paint or cover the cereal box any color you wish, preferably one that will complement your bedroom. This simple yet effective design will be a great way to hold your earrings.

6. Foam in a drawer

This is another inexpensive hack that is simple yet brilliant. If you like to keep your jewelry out of sight, then this idea is perfect for you. Measure your drawer inside. Take a roll of foam and cut it according to your measurements. Place the cut foam piece in the drawer.

This will allow you to organize your jewelry in drawers without worrying about it. In particular, this storage idea is great for earrings because it allows them to stay straight out and visible.

7.  Use a Jewellery holder

Scattered jewelry, lost earrings, and bracelets entangled in chains – this is familiar to every girl. Often, for all the ornaments, there isn’t enough space in one box and they end up moving around the room. To overcome this problem you should place your jewelry pieces into a proper jewelry holder.

8. Use picture frames to display your jewellery.

Take out a clean glass from any photo frame, and suspend that frame from the wall, and insert some thumbnails within the glass frame. Then gently suspend your jewelry from this thumbnail. You can hang light-weighted necklaces, some pairs of earrings, and also you can hang rings over them. Instead of this thumbnail, you can use a wire loop, simply attach a wire loop on the glass frames and your jewelry over it.

The above mentioned are some of the simple and beautiful hacks and ideas to store your jewelry, you just have to do some little effort and your jewelry is maintained properly. Make sure to give these storage ideas a go and you will surely be impressed with what you have achieved.

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