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How to pick the right hair extensions by pretty women?

How to pick the right hair extensions by pretty women?

The woman’s hair is without a doubt her crowning beauty, as it makes her feel attractive, enhances her general confidence, and improves the quality of her life. What if you have short hair and have always wished for long hair? Getting a clip-in hair extension is the easiest solution! However, combing through the color options may leave you perplexed. It all comes down to your skin tone in this situation and pick the right hair extensions. Don’t worry; there are several hair extensions options on the market that will undoubtedly compliment your skin tone.

Options to Pick the Right Hair Extensions

Here’s our guide to selecting the right hair extensions with highlights for your skin tone if you’re unsure how to choose the proper color:

1. Brown

Brown is another popular highlight hair extension color that most women choose. You may pick between cold and warm tones, just like you do with other colors:

**Cool brown**

Cool brown

This clip-in hair extension looks best on those with a yellow undertone and a warm complexion tone. If you opt to go with brown hair, be sure you select from tones like mocha, ash brown, or deep chocolate brown.

**Warm brown**

Those with a warm skin tone and olive undertones will look best with this clip-in hair extension. If you want to be a bit more adventurous with your skin tone, don’t forget to add golden highlights.

2 Blonde

Blonde is the most preferred highlight among women when it comes to hair extensions. Here are a few alternatives to think about:


For ladies with a cold tone and a reddish or pinkish undertone, this clip-in hair extension is ideal. Whether you choose for silver, platinum, or champagne blonde, it will enhance your natural hair and improve your entire appearance.

**Warm blonde**

Those with olive or cooler complexion tones with a blue undertone will love this clip-in hair extension. Consider renowned models like Gigi Hadid or Blake Lively as role models. A warm blonde highlight might be your best choice for honey, caramel, or other golden tones.

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3 Black

If you’re unsure about which highlight hair extension to choose, black is always a safe bet. Even black, however, may be divided into the following groups:

**Cool black**

For ladies with naturally warm complexion, this clip-in hair extension looks fantastic. It’s also ideal for people who have darker complexion tones or a yellow undertone.

**Warm black**

This clip-in hair extension complements rich complexion tones and cold undertones beautifully. You can pick highlights in dark chocolate, cocoa, or brown-black tones.

4. Warm red

Strawberry blonde, amber, copper, and rust are all warm red extensions that you may choose from. Women with a fair complexion and neutral or blue undertones look best in these red-tinged warm tones. Check to learn how warm red keeps you glowing and alluring if you have a fair complexion.


Based on your skin tone, you now have a good notion of what color to pick for your highlight hair extension. To that purpose, examine your eye color and wrist to see whether you have a cool or warm tone. Also, compare your skin tone to that of a celebrity with a similar complexion and eye color to see which cosmetics are best for you.

Finally, get your skin tone properly matched and invest in the correct highlighted clip-in extensions to elevate your entire appearance! Do you want to get high-quality highlight hair extensions? With a wide range of alternatives, we’ve got you covered! Hair extensions, clip-in ponytails, eyelashes, and other hair tools and accessories are all available at Her Imports USA in the United States. Check out our extensive collection and place your purchase right now!

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