What Is Mangalsutra Necklace?
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What Is Mangalsutra Necklace?

Tying the Mangalsutra in Hindu marriages is one of the holiest and auspicious rituals. A Mangalsutra is generally a holy black and gold beaded necklace with a golden pendant that a bridegroom ties around the neck of her wife during a ritual called Mangalaya Dharanam in an Indian Hindu marriage. The answer to the question ‘what is Mangalsutra’ and ‘Importance of Mangalsutra’ holds immense standing for a Hindu married woman. It is a sign of her virtuous vow to her spouse and prosperous married life which is worn by her until her husband’s demise.

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What is Mangalsutra meant for?

The word “Mangalsutra” can be interpreted as a holy thread as the word ‘mangal’ depicts auspicious and ‘sutra’ refers to cord or thread.  Worn as a sign of nuptial pride and chastity, it is a vow from the husband to his spouse to stay together forever. It symbolizes the sacred union between the wife and the husband that protects their bond from evil. In other words, the story or purpose behind the history of Mangalsutra. Or what is Mangalsutra meant for is seen as a visual indication of the married status of a Hindu woman.

Importance of Mangalsutra: Modern Times and Variations

In recent times, Mangalsutra has become a style statement for married women. Women are now opting for unique designs of Mangalsutra, for example, fancy Mangalsutra, short Mangalsutra, etc. the daily soaps deserve a special thanks to contribute to the significant shift in the mindset of women toward exclusive Mangalsutra patterns and designs.

However, the design and variant of Mangalsutra differ from state to state, i.e., the origin and variant of Mangalsutra designs vary in structure, pattern, and material. India has its own history of Mangalsutra variations. It is also known by various names in different states like minnu, thaali, mangalyam, dhaaremani, dehjoor, or taagpaag. In other words, Mangalsutra has its regional patterns and variations which hold a pure and holy value among married women.

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The design and pattern of Mangalsutra have evolved over the decades, but its divine importance has remained unaffected and untouched. In modern times, to keep up with the professionalism, dress codes, specific attires, and other modern customs the importance and the purpose behind the Mangalsutra appear to be vanishing.

Despite all these limitations, contemporary Indian women are looking for new ways to keep alive the custom of wearing Mangalsutra in their contemporary outfits by varying the type and opting for short Mangalsutra and fancy Mangalsutra.

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Benefits of Wearing Mangalsutra

According to Ayurveda or ancient health sciences, wearing a Mangalsutra by women has several benefits for their health. Apart from religious practice, there is a scientific explanation behind the custom of wearing Mangalsutra.

  • Ancient Indian science discloses that wearing Mangalsutra close to the heart activates the heart chakra and attracts cosmic waves that aid in better functioning of the heart and keep it healthy.
  • It enhances their immunity powder and normalizes the blood flow.
  • It creates positive energy and keeps away ailments.
  • Aids in activating the body chakras of the women and awakening their innate energies.
  • The cosmic waves attracted by the Mangalsutra help in preserving a happy and healthy bond between the husband and wife.

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What does a Mangalsutra symbolize?

A Mangalsutra is not just a fashion ornament or jewelry to wear. It is a symbol of never-ending love, respect, loyalty, faith, trust, and devotion to the husband and her family. For the wife, it symbolizes her eternal love and dedication toward her husband.

Behind the history of Mangalsutra, there is an unwavering faith that a Mangalsutra is worn by the woman to protect her spouse from bad luck, evils, and misfortune. For the husband, it depicts loyalty and support to his wife in each and every occasion of life.  Whether a fancy Mangalsutra, short Mangalsutra, or of any design, the black beaded thread is always meant to be the symbol of protection against evil, and the golden pendant in the middle of the sacred cord symbolizes supreme power.

Thus, Mangalsutra is a holy cord of love, vows, and eternal union between a Hindu man and a Hindu woman. Mangalsutra is not just a piece of fashion jewelry, but a traditional heritage to all wedded women. It is the code of righteousness and purity of union between the husband and the wife that holds the divine energies of Shiva and Shakti. It denotes Soubhagya or good luck, i.e., what is Mangalsutra meant to bring to the wedded couple?

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