Questions to Ask Your Partner Before Marriage to Make Sure About Your Decisions
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Questions to Ask Your Partner Before Marriage to Make Sure About Your Decisions

Marriage is a delicate and vital decision to make with a clear mind and your thoughts for your partners. While making the decision with your partner you need to be clear about many things and doubts you may have. Instead of making it complicated, you should discuss Questions to ask your partner before Marriage which would get you on the right decisions.

The answers would be favorable, unfavorable, or scary also, but you can think about whether you are ready to accept them or not. Why important? Live life with some acceptance but by loving yourself too by not digging into something you don’t deserve.

Marriage is a relationship where nothing should be hidden and must gather a comfortable bond together in terms of love and family practices. “Marriage is like watching the color of leaves in the fall; ever-changing and more stunningly beautiful with each passing day.” —Fawn Weaver

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Do you know what questions to ask your partner before Marriage?

Let’s start making clear your mind and check below what Questions to ask your partner before Marriage to be sure about it.

General Questions

Let’s start with a quick introduction about your partner to understand the basic personality. Ask the below question at the start of a few minutes.

>> What are your partner’s hobbies?

>> Does Your partner like the fun with a loud environment or love to sit in peace?

>> Is s/he like the animals or has a pet?

>> What kind of music does s/he like the most?

>> What kind of music does s/he like the most? Does your partner have a gang of some close friends to spend valuable time with?

>> Which is the favorite color?

>> What kind of outfit does your partner like to wear?

>> Does your partner like to travel?

>> Does your partner like theatre, movies, and TV shows?

>> Who is your favorite actor, singer, or famous personality?

>> Is your partner religious or not?

>> What is your favorite food?

>> What does your partner like the most?

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Relationship Values

Ask your partner about the relationship values and goals to achieve in it. This is something very major to understand before you step to make your relationship together.

>> What does your partner looking for in their partner?

>> Does the partner make the time-space of every relation?

>> Does your partner believe in love?

>> How much sex is important for your partner?

>> How your partner makes decisions – emotions or practical facts?

>> What does your partner think about you after marriage?

>> Is your partner believing to be a friend in a spouse?

>> Who does the partner value the most to spend time with?

>> What is the closest to your partner’s heart?

>> What is Quality time mean for your partner?

>> Can you make your sexual life healthy?

>> Do you and your partner similar to some facts?

>> What kind of sex your partner wants to have?

>> What does your partner turn on?

>> What did your partner dream about with you at bedtime?

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Personal Values

Understand your partner in terms of his attitude to know well and more deeply. This will teach you the closest part emotionally.

>> Does your partner engage in religious activities?

>> Does your partner charity the NGO?

>> What does your partner think about social engagements?

>> Is your partner care about the political aspects?

>> What does the partner think about humanity?

>> Do your partners spend time in and yoga?

>> How much your partner is influenced by fitness activity?

>> What is the best time killing activity at the free intervals?

>> Does your partner’s mobile phone addicted?

>> Do your partner drink or smoke? If yes, then how often?

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Family Values & Plans

The family itself is precious with its name. Ask your partner what is the family values and plan for the future of it.

>> What are the family values?

>> Does your partner have a good bonding with their parents and siblings?

>> What does your partner think to have kids?

>> How much time does your partner need to plan a family?

>> What is the importance of having kids for your partner?

>> How many kids your partner wants to have?

>> What does your partner think to handle the pregnancy timeline?

>> Is your partner being financially strong to build up a family?

>> How would your partner react if there would be any problem in conceiving a baby?

>> Would your partner contribute equally in terms of finances and homemaking?

>> What type of child growth would be preferred by your partner?

>> What is the right parenting for your partner?

>> Do you need marriage consultants to get better relationships?

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Career Plans

Learn about the partner’s profession to understand well about financial stability and support in future family terms. Discuss sharing equal responsibilities to make a better family.

>> What are the qualifications?

>> What is your partner’s profession?

>> How much is your partner serious about achieving your career goal?

>> What your partner expects from career growth in the estimated timeline?

>> Where does your partner see their career growth?

>> Is your partner financially strong to start a family?

>> Can your partner balance the work-life and the personal life?

>> How supportive is your partner towards your career?

>> How demanding is your partner’s job?

>> Can your partner share the earning scale with you?

>> Do you have any further planning for professional learning?

>> Can your partner keep the balance time for the relationship after work stress?

>> What are they planning to buy a new home?

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Lifestyle Zone

Understand your partner’s lifestyle setups and expectations with you. You will understand the way of living, and future expectations of lifestyle.

>> Where your partner wants to live?

>> Does your partner want a nuclear family or a joint family?

>> In which city your partner wants to live?

>> Is your partner extrovert or introvert personality?

>> What is your partner’s dream home?

>> How your partner wants to plan the vacations?

>> Are your partner adventurous or lazy bees on vacations?

>> How your partner love to contribute to homemaking?

>> Do your partner love cooking?

>> Is your partner going to plan the candlelight dinners?

>> Does your partner need an additional zone in the home like a play area, swimming pool, etc.?

>> How to celebrate the grand festivals?

>> How to gesture the guest to welcome?

>> What your partner think to celebrate your birthday and anniversary?

>> How to maintain the home?

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Understanding Skills

Check your partner bother about your thoughts, emotions, and needs. Ask the question to clarify terms of understanding each other.

>> Does your partner bother you if you are upset?

>> How your partner will know that you are upset or sick?

>> What does your partner make feel happy?

>> Will your partner will judge your love and concern?

>> Can your partner share every problem with you?

>> Will your partner say “I Love You” often to express the bond?

>> What is not similar between you and your partner?

>> How your partner would deal with arguments?

>> Can you feel safe and secure with your partner?

>> How will your partner will express love?

>> What will make you both come closer to the heart?

>> Does your partner have an attitude problem to confess the mistakes?

>> Is your partner short-tempered?

>> Does your partner believe to keep some secrets from you?

>> What your partner will do to make your mood when you are upset?

Hope you understood that marriage is the major step to making the decision and listed above the Questions to ask your partner before Marriage to Make Sure about your Decisions. Hope you will get the best life partner to live happily after. Wish you good luck…

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